Buying a house

Maybe you just came to Amsterdam, or perhaps you’ve already been here for a while. There comes a time when you will ask yourself whether you want to buy a property here. But where to begin? To make it a little bit easier for you, we give you 6 simple steps to help you become an actual home owner in Amsterdam.

6 (simple) steps to help you buy your house:

  • Inventory: It is important to know what you want and what is possible – and: what is not. Do you need a mortgage? What’s your budget? Define your needs and decide the timeframe.
  • Listings: There is an important process to find out what is available, and whether that will fit your needs.
  • Viewings: The more you view the better you’ll know what you want; moreover, you will find out whether your wishes are realistic ones.
  • Bidding: You’ve found something! How much to bid? Which terms are normal here? Is the object worth its listed price? What about the quality of the house? And what if it’s an apartment – how is the home owner’s association functioning? You’re going to need advice from a Certified Expat Broker!
  • Buying: You did it: you bought a house in Amsterdam – of course: the most beautiful place on earth. Now you need to make sure the mortgage is taken care of.
  • Owning: This is the day you will receive your key – after having signed the necessary documents at the notary, of course.

What more to arrange, just before or immediately after becoming a home owner? There still remain some things to address, such as the utilities: Gas, Water, Electricity, internet, phone, insurance. Of course, we’ll be able to give you some pointers there, as well.

At KNAP Expat Broker’s, we can provide you with the professional service that guides you through these 6 important buying steps. This, we do not do alone. Together with you and our selected preferred suppliers, we offer you the best possible guidance throughout your entire buying process. If you do not know which parties to contract, we can help you with our network of preferred suppliers.


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