From 2026 hybrid heat pump or variant mandatory when replacing a central heating system

From 2026 hybrid heat pump or variant mandatory when replacing a central heating system

The hybrid heat pump will become the standard for heating homes from 2026, the cabinet announces. This means that from that year, when replacing a central heating system, people must switch to a more sustainable alternative. In addition to a hybrid heat pump, this can also be a fully electric heat pump or a connection to a heat network.

By setting a date now, the government wants to offer clarity to suppliers, installers and home and building owners. “The urgency of becoming more sustainable is great and the pace must increase,” says Minister De Jonge for Housing. He adds that there is an exception option for homes that are not suitable.

Minister Jetten for Climate and Energy says that a heat pump not only saves a lot of gas, “but is also good for the energy bill and the climate.” He wants to work with manufacturers and installers in the coming years to train more fitters and scale up the production of heat pumps in the Netherlands.

The coalition agreement talks about the heat pump in a more noncommittal way. It states that for most homes it offers “a good heat solution” and that over time the pump should become the norm. But now that intention has been made concrete. The government provides subsidies for the purchase of a heat pump. There will be 150 million euros allocated for this purpose up to and including 2030.

Source: NOS.NL


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