About KNAP Expat Broker

KNAP EXPAT Broker is an initiative of KNAP Makelaardij and member of the MVA Certified Expat Brokers. As such, we participate in the IN Amsterdam Partnership Programme.
In Amsterdam (formerly Expatcenter Amsterdam) is an organization of the Municipality of Amsterdam and provides a one-stop-shop service for international newcomers in the Amsterdam Area.

Our employees

KNAP Expat Broker

Bart Bouwman
Makelaar RMT


Bart Started working at an NVM office in 2001 and throughout the years, specialized in the housing market and newly built properties. From the beginning of KNAP Makelaardij in 2014, Bart has put his focus and effort in the buy-to-let for a specific group of Dutch clients. This proved to be a very successful formula, and has since become one of the core businesses of our organization.


Of late, we see that expats are also getting more and more interested in buying for investment purposes. For that reason we also offer you our expertise when it comes to investing in property that is suitable for the rental market.


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Maurice van der Kroft
Makelaar RMT


Around 2008, Maurice noticed a growing diversity in the group of buyers within the real estate market in Amsterdam. Especially in the region of De Zuidas, around 50% of the buyers was not originally from the Netherlands. This group of prospective buyers found it pretty hard to find the proper information and guidelines needed in this buying process. Maurice then realized that up until then, there hadn’t been a decent real estate website, aimed at Expats, that really offers an insight into this process.


So, we decided to launch KNAPEXPATBROKER.nl, a real estate site that is really useful for expats.


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Petra Pafort


Working at Knap since April 2018 as commercial assistant with extensive all round experience in real estate. Thinking with our clients in a customer-oriented and solution-oriented way is for me the starting point. Achieving a great result together is what it’s all about.

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Katja Bastiani


As office manager Katja coordinates the processes within our office.
In the field of Hospitality, Relationship Management and Sales, she has gained a lot of experience in the financial sector, within her own family business in the retail sector and at several renowned law firms and consultancy firms in Amsterdam. Now she is following the K-RMT training at the Academy for Real Estate to realize further ambitions. She herself lives in Amsterdam-West and likes to take a small detour on her way home to cycle through the beautiful parks and different parts of the city.

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Kim Schaap
Sales representative


Kim has been working in real estate for 14 years as an inside sales representative and she enjoys helping real estate agents wherever she can.
She loves to guide our customers from A to Z in the process, whether it’s buying, selling or renting makes no difference to her.
Together with the brokers she makes sure that the customer can look back on the cooperation with our office with a very positive feeling.

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