Should I be selling or should I be renting out?

This is an important question that might surface when you have plans to move out of your house. What’s possible? Do you have your mortgage bank’s permission to rent out your property? Is it even allowed to rent out the apartment? Is the rate you have in mind at which to rent out permitted, in regard to Dutch rental rules?
You’ll need some trustworthy advice.

Pros for renting out

  • Maybe you’ll want to return to Amsterdam in a few years’ time – having a property waiting for you is a definite plus.
  • Renting out will bring you a proper yield that is favorable when compared to the interest the banks offer.
  • Also, the indirect return will normally increase over the years. It’s a nice saving plan.

Pros for selling

  • You’ll have no reason to return to Amsterdam anymore (but that’s not really a pro, is it?)
  • Selling means finalizing things.
  • No more hassle with tenants, maintenance, and whatnot.
  • Banks do not always allow you to rent out the property.
  • You could spend the profit you make on selling the house on something else.

Of course you’ll want to stay here as long as possible, but there will come a day when you need to decide what to do with your house. Renting it out or selling your property? Below, we present 8 phases you’ll encounter when selling your house.

8 phases of selling your house.

  • Change of plans: I’m done here in Amsterdam, what choices do I have? Should I sell the house or rent it out? You’ll need expert advice.
  • A summary of our findings: at KNAP EXPAT BROKER’s, we advise you as to what should be the listing price for your apartment, based on our prior experience. We inform you on how long this selling process will take, and which steps should you take. And, finally, a minor detail: how much we charge for this service.
  • Preparing for the upcoming sale of your house: obtaining perfect pictures, organizing docs, tidying up. How much to ask? You’ll need advice.
  • And we’re open for business; preparations are made so that we can put your house on sale. Set it up on Funda, Facebook, LinkedIn and specialized Expat sites. We know which ones work best. We’ll be organizing open houses for you in order to attract potential buyers.
  • The bidding game: People are interested in your house. This really is an interesting and exciting process!
  • You nailed it: SOLD! You’ve found yourself the highest bidder, under the best conditions. So, what’s next? We need to set up a buying contract. Which notary should we select?
  • Homeless? The date has arrived for you to hand over the keys – after signing the necessary paperwork at the notary, of course.
  • Life after selling. Should you be buying something new? Ask us for advice.